Only an Architect can fix the crack of dawn

Only an Architect can fix the crack of dawn

Our idendity is built from our dreams, our fate is won through our hearts, our destiny is built with our hands… the sky is not the limit!


Serendipity and Aesthetic Architechture

Serendipity and Aesthetic Architechture

Winnipeg’s Downtown is a visual combination of old, new and modern. Winnipeg is known as “Gateway to the West!”. Depicted here is the downtown back alley view via an open and accessible unmapped pedestrian or bicycle pathway. I took this picture to contrast and enhance Winnipeg’s untapped downtown aesthetic beauty.

There is nothing like “Our True North Strong and Free!”

This is a photo of one of our northern friends. The Dene people have a proverb, “Let us put our minds together to see what lives we can make for our children.” One of the strongest political events in Canadian history was when Justice Berger went down the Mackenzie Valley and asked the people of the north if they wanted a pipeline to go through their territory. A moratorium was placed on development for ten years and the northern peoples of Canada benefited greatly from this wise decision.